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The creative blending of diverse ingredients is the hallmark of Mexican cooking, and in the state of Puebla it is a passion. Everywhere there is talk of food. People give detailed accounts of what they've just eaten, plan to eat later, or what was served at the most recent fiesta. Their enthusiasm for the subject is born of pride in one of the oldest and most savory regional cuisines of Mexico.

The cuisine of Puebla is known world wide for its originality and the quality of ingredients; two of the best known specialties originating here are mole poblano and chile en nogada.

Mole Poblano

In this part of Mexico, any stew made with a combination of ingredients ground together is called a mole, but the most famous of all is mole poblano. The classic version is served with turkey, and uses four different kinds of chiles and a variety of ground seeds and nuts, including almonds, peanuts, and sesame seeds, plus its characteristic ingredient, dark bitter chocolate.

This is the dish usually served at wedding fiestas. Among traditional Cholulteca families, a live turkey is present at the reception. This placid creature is passed gently from dancer to dancer, absorbing the good feeling of the party, and is cooked the next day for the newlyweds' first mole.

Chiles en Nogada

This dish is a tribute to the fruit of Puebla's late summer-early fall harvest season. Ground meat is seasoned and combined with raisins, pine nuts and local fruit: apples from Zacatlán, peaches and pears from Huejotzingo. Roasted poblano chiles from San Martin are stuffed with the mixture, batter-dipped, fried and topped with a creamy sauce made with walnuts from Calpan and garnished with pomegranates from Tehuacán.

Today this creation is found all over the country, especially during the patriotic month of September.

Sopa Azteca

Aztec soup, or sopa azteca as it is known in Mexico, is a famous dish. It varies from region to region and different chilies are used in different versions of this tasty dish. This tomato-based Mexican food recipe is richly flavored with garlic and onions and the avocado, tortilla chips and chicken add even more delicious taste.

This is one of the best and most authentic Mexican food recipes and it is believed that Aztec soup was invented to use up stale tortillas, since some versions of the dish use tortillas rather than tortilla chips.

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