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In a broad, high valley about 60 miles southeast of Mexico City is a city known by many names over the years: City of Angels, City of Tiles, Heroic City of Zaragoza. Today we know it simply as Puebla.


The most spas are in the boutique hotels, they give a new style of tourism to historic center of city. This service is ideal for the travelers, which allow them relaxing with a massage, beauty treatment or a healthy teraphy, after a trip around Puebla city.

Cultural Activitiess

The state government of Puebla has promoted the Festival Internacional de Puebla (FIP) for the past 17 years; this event enriches the city’s cultural and tourism offer with dance, music, film, theater, literature, art shows, and other events. Puebla understands that visitors are drawn to a variety of shows in Mexico.

Extreme Sports

The state of Puebla has various, excellent locations for open-air sports – whether you’re up in the air or down on the ground. Go horse riding through the pine forests of the Valle de Piedras Encimadas, close to the town of Zacatlán, and visit: a group of colossal rocks .

Paragliding offers another marvelous way to discover Puebla. The regular winds around San Andrés Cholula make it a perfect place from which to fly around on a panoramic tour.

Night Life

A night out in Puebla will combine trova singer-songwriter music and bohemian events in the city’s old mansions. The Los Sapos neighborhood has the best range of nighttime activities with its festive atmosphere.

Cantinas in Mexico are a popular nighttime activity. Visit one of the time-honored cantinas such as La Pasita where you can sip its traditional drink that goes by the same name – a raisin liqueur served with tapas of cheese and dried fruit.


For anyone stopping in Puebla as they travel Mexico, there are plenty of things to do in the city. Puebla has two professional football teams (American soccer) and a huge sports stadium with a capacity for 45,000 fans and its soccer team "Los Camoteros de Puebla".


Shopping in local stores in Mexico is an adventure. Crockery made of talavera ceramic is definitely the most frequent souvenir from a trip to Puebla – the cobalt blue will be sure to add a touch of class to your table. The region’s traditional candies are second on visitors’ shopping lists. These sweets have been perfected over the centuries and come in all shapes and sizes but with one thing in common: they’re all delicious.

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